Business plan

Preparing a Business Plan that Gets You Funding is our Specialty

Why is a business plan needed?

Startup companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for funding from Venture Capital funds (VCs), private investors or government grants, are required to present a business plan. In today’s economy, it is practically impossible to raise funds without a convincing and detailed business plan that describes the venture; its technology.

the market opportunity; competitive advantages and the expected returns. The absence of a professional business plan can be detrimental to your venture and you only get one chance with investors!

A good business plan is not just a document; it is an instrument that delivers a well thought-through and clear strategy after a thorough analysis and validation process.

The founders of a venture or the management of a hitech company are expected to show investors / stake-holders that they are genuinely familiar with the technology; business and market environment and have performed a scrupulous investigation of their initiative.

What are the uses of a business plan?

A good business plan is used for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Assessing the feasibility and worthiness of a business / technological idea
  • Develop a solid strategy and execution plan
  • Fund-raising
  • Strategic planning
  • Assessing a new direction or product
  • A tool for recruiting business partners, key personnel and stake holders

The Components of a Business Plan:

  • Executive summary
  • The Need (Problem): A description of the need that exists, what the required solution is and who the customers are that are looking for it.
  • The proposed solution: Description of the product or service, features, benefits and use cases
  • The technology and Intellectual Property, patents and barriers to entry
  • The market: Analysis of market trends; customer segments; potential and size of the addressable market
  • The Competitive Landscape: Description of competitive / alternative products; competitive analysis; SWOT analysis; sustainable competitive advantages
  • The Go-To-Market plan: Target segments; the business model; product / service configuration and road map; pricing; sales & distribution plan, marketing plan
  • Financial plan and analysis: Projected revenues and expenses; 4-year Profit & Loss forecast; Return On Investment; Break Even point, Net Present Value valuation and Sensitivity analysis
  • The Company / Team: The history; current business status; team members and the vision
  • The Investment opportunity and Use of Funds

How we work?

The process of preparing a business plan entails: working closely with the founders and management; researching and analyzing the market opportunity and potential competitors; looking at possible strategic alternatives and developing a go-to-market plan that will have the highest likelihood to succeed.

We leverage our experience and expertise to evaluate and select the right business model, pricing and positioning as well as the marketing and sales plan. We will also work to sharpen the vision, value proposition and differentiation. To facilitate the process we will use best practice tools and frameworks and our access to market data and contacts.

Although in some cases an executive summary or presentation might suffice for the first meeting with investors, if there is interest, they will ask for the detailed business plan. This is why we strongly recommend preparing a business plan first.

We don’t only deliver a business plan, but also a full market and financial analysis, an executive summary (sometimes called teaser) and a presentation for meetings with investors. The whole process can take between 4 to 8 weeks depending on the project scope and readiness of the client.

Why Choose Hitech Strategies?

Preparing a business plan for start-up companies requires a special set of skills and experience in taking new technology to the market, understanding the intrinsic characteristics, and rapid changes of technological industries.

This is why at Hitech Strategies, we employ hi-tech veterans and entrepreneurs with vast experience, as founders and in executive roles in marketing, business development, R&D and sales. Unlike other consulting firms, we do not have analysts and accountants, without any hi-tech experience, create a strategy and business plan for you. We bring in our experience in global markets and technology as a major value-add in formulating business models and strategies that will work. And since we have experience in raising funds from Venture Capitalists and Angels, we know what it will take to convince them

At Hi-Tech Strategies we have done close to a hundred business plans encompassing a variety of areas including: the hi-tech (software and hardware), Internet services, sites and communities, telecommunications, medical devices, biotech, Green/Clean-Tech, Media, and more. Our business plans have guided our customers in their road to success and have generated tens of millions of dollars in fund-raising.

If you are looking for an investment or are in need of a business plan, come see us for a free consultation. We will assess your specific situation and outline how we can help in-line with your needs and budget. For more information, please contact us