Online Marketing

We offer a unique combination that includes deep understanding of internet technologies and website development with marketing, strategy and competitive intelligence expertise. Our expertise allows us to offer integrated solutions for highly effective internet presence, bringing our customers to the next level and allowing them to reach their goals. These goals are diverse: Internet sales goals, amount of quality leads, building prospects or subscriber database, effectively addressing predefined target audience and building the desired corporate image.

Today all-round internet strategy is needed, addressing every internet marketing channel (including social media, forums, blogs etc.) not only the corporate website.

As part of this service we define together with our customers who the target audience is and what the desired objectives are. We analyze the competition as well as market potential in order to build an integrative internet marketing plan to boost our customers’ web presence as part of the overall marketing activities.

Our Internet marketing services include the following:

  1. Plan and Design Effective Online Strategy
  2. Web design and web development
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Effective Internet Sales Boost
  7. Online PR and Buzz through Content Strategy

Plan and design effective Online Strategy

  • Determine target audience including: customers, users, thought leaders, partners, investors
  • Defining messages to each audience
  • Defining specific objectives for each audience (buy product/service, registration or subscription, brand image and public relations, influencing decision makers etc.)
  • Plan and build effective web presence to obtain desired goals, including: corporate website, landing pages, micro-sites, portals, web forums, social media, blogs etc.
  • Set key performance indicators and metrics to measure effectiveness of each channel
  • Web Diagnosis report

Web design and web development – Marketing approach to Online Presence

  • Design and build market oriented website
  • Design and build micro-sites, web pages and Social Media presence

Search Engine Optimization

  • Adjust websites for search engines
  • Analyze competitors and market trends in order to select the optimal keywords
  • Prioritize keywords according to search volume as well as deep understanding of the competitive and business environment
  • Build external links
  • Measure, optimize and report
  • Convert visitors to customers

Search Engine Marketing

  • Analyze competitors and industry trends as part of the overall strategy
  • Create effective ads
  • Constant measurement and optimization

Social Media Marketing

  • Build brand profile and presence in relevant social media and forums
  • Plan messages
  • Plan Social Media campaigns
  • Ongoing profile maintenance, writing messages in social media and forum

Online marketing graph

Integrated strategy for effective internet marketing with strong web presence

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Plan and Build Lead Generation and Conversion ‘Machine’

Effective plan to increase revenue through internet sales

Often times products and services, including those with price tags of tens of thousands of dollars, are purchased by customers without entailing face to face sales meetings. Hitech Strategies’ team of experts specializes in planning and executing an online method of lead generation as well as converting leads to sales effectively.

Our experts analyze the target audience and product characteristics and build optimal plan for lead generation and conversion while reducing sales costs as much as possible.

  • Define the appropriate target audience
  • Identify high quality lead sources in order to target the demographic segment of choice
  • Build messages for the target audience
  • Build effective landing pages
  • Construct lead conversion plan
  • Distribute message to the target audience
  • Filter and qualify leads
  • Lead nurturing to conversion
  • Use online methods, telemarketing and other methods for lead conversion

Online marketing graph 02

Full process for quality lead generation and conversion into paying customers

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Plan and Implement Content Strategy and Buzz Generation

Plan and generate content to be used for PR and to increase visibility and exposure to the brand amongst the target audience. Increasing brand recognition helps to raise the interest of potential customers and facilitates easier buy decision. Hitech Strategies’ team of experts plans effective content strategy and executes it by distributing content and messages to the channels that best suit the target audience.

Plan, prepare and execute effective digital content strategy

  • Define the target audience as well as brand (product or company name) to focus on
  • Determine topics of interest for the target audience
  • Select online distribution channels best fit for our target audience
  • Put together articles and messages for online PR, including timeline
  • Distribute articles and messages
  • Utilize message distribution engines
  • Utilize social media and viral distribution

Online marketing graph 02

Process for effective content strategy planning and execution

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