Business Development

Business development is not about creating a business plan but rather about executing and establishing market share and customer sales. The purpose of the business development process is to establish a sales infrastructure and partner network that will enable the startup company to enter the market successfully and in the shortest time possible.

In today’s economic situation, startup companies need to watch their expenses and align them with their cash flow. Hitech Strategies offers startups an opportunity to outsource the business development activities that will enable them to leverage a team of experienced and networked business developers at a fraction of the cost of recruiting in-house personnel.

As part of our business development services we provide some or all of the following:

  1. Evaluation of the venture or business idea
  2. Validation of the existing business plan and market entry strategy. Alternatively, creating a new business and marketing plan
  3. Evaluating and selecting the right business model
  4. Evaluating possible distribution / sales strategies and selecting the most effective and appropriate one (e.g. direct sales; Internet sales; VARs and distributors; reps and agents; and OEM (private label)
  5. Research, analyze and select target segments and geographies
  6. Identify and short-list target partners, distributors, resellers, candidates for an M&A
  7. Recruit and set up a distribution network
  8. Establish strategic partnerships
  9. Generate sales leads and establish initial reference customers

Why us?

  • Our team consists of hi-tech veterans with hands-on experience in global sales and business development
  • We have been there, done that, so you as the client can benefit from our experience and shorten the time to market
  • Our rolodex contains a wide network of global contacts for business development and customer acquisition
  • Outsourcing the business development activities allow your company to focus on its core competencies and control expenses

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