Marketing Services

Many startup companies do not have the capacity or the budget to afford their own marketing department. Others might have some marketing capacity but lack the broad marketing expertise required to perform all the marketing tasks. At the same time, most hi-tech startups are not doing enough marketing to generate sales leads and establish brand awareness in their market. To top it off, the current economic situation requires that companies become more efficient and keep a tight lid over their expenses. This is why Outsourced Marketing has become a plausible and viable option for many startups.

By outsourcing the marketing resources and activities, your company can improve its bottom line and make its marketing more effective at the same time. This can mean anything from designing a new website, to implementing a leads-generation campaign, to a full-fledged outsourced marketing department.

We provide a broad range of services including:

Marketing Strategy
Designing a marketing plan
Marketing Implementation
Internet Marketing
Positioning, Branding and Messaging
Product Management
Market Research, Survey and Analysis

Outsourced Marketing process

Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing is dependant on a having the right strategy. Hitech Strategies are experts in designing the best marketing strategies that will enable you to rapidly increase revenues while lowering costs of sales and marketing. We look for ways to reach your target customers more effectively, generate more leads in your pipeline and increase deal closure rates. We also aim to locate additional revenue opportunities in the form of either more products / services to existing customers or finding new types of customers for your technology.

The Hitech Strategies comprises of experienced marketing and business development executives. Our marketing strategies are based on a field-proven methodology and comprehensive research and analysis.

Designing a marketing plan

Our experienced team will work together with you to evaluate and select the most cost-effective marketing activities. We create a full-year plan with timeline, activities and budget that will get you the best results for your marketing dollars.

Marketing Implementation

The implementation of many marketing activities, such as an exhibition booth at a major industry event or a web advertising campaign, can be an overwhelming undertaking for some companies. We can alleviate you of that responsibility and manage the complete project including: planning; messaging; marketing materials; public relations; advertising; seminars; set up meetings with customers and follow ups. Not only will we add a big boost to your company’s revenue generation, but we will also save you a substantial amount of money in the process. We train and fill the gaps in your team without adding overheads.

Internet Marketing

We offer a full internet marketing service including: designing and building a new website or upgrading and existing one; writing new content for the website; search engine optimization; managing carefully planned internet advertising and marketing campaigns; and writing new content to make sure your website is always up to date.

Positioning, Branding & Messaging

The objective of brand positioning is projecting the right messages to the right audiences in order to enhance the image of the company / product in the target market. Messaging refers to the set of messages that the company projects to the market, via its name, logo, collateral, web site, visual identity and presentation.

Hitech Strategies uses a structured and facilitated framework to arrive at the right positioning and messaging. Tools such as market and competitive analysis as well as interviews, brainstorm and surveys are employed. The resulting deliverables include

  • Company Positioning – Elevator Pitch
  • Value Proposition to primary audience(s)
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Company identity and brief
  • Company / product name, logo and tagline
  • Key messages to target audiences

Product Management

Product Management (PM) is probably the most strategic function in any hi-tech company. So does it make sense to get outside help? Probably not as a full long term solution, but often it can be extremely beneficial to bring in an objective and experienced Product Management professional to help the existing Product Management team maximize their effectiveness.

Most startups focus on hiring qualified developers, but many lack the same professional level on the product management side. High quality and experienced product managers are not easy to come by and are not cheap. Moreover, at the early stage of a startup it is vital to have an experienced PM who can collect customer needs and feedback, and competitive information to help guide the product development. The outsourced PM can also facilitate the critical stage of product beta and launch.

An outsourced PM can help address skills and knowledge gaps and can work with inexperienced staff to help them improve their proficiencies and methodologies as PMs. Most PM tasks are ideal for outsourcing and can benefit from having an external expert with fresh eyes.

At Hitech Strategies, we have brilliant and experienced product managers who worked in PM departments in mature global hi-tech companies as well as in early stage startups. We offer a wide suit of PM services that are easily outsourced:

  • Putting together a Market Requirement Document (MRD)
  • Gathering product requirements
  • Planning and project management of pre-release (beta) and market launch
  • Positioning & messaging validation
  • Product collateral and sales tools development
  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Pricing strategy
  • Customer feedback
  • New product ideas / opportunities (Blue Ocean)

Market Research, Survey and Analysis

Market research, survey and analysis are a critical part of any strategic planning or marketing/business plan. Without them, a hi-tech company will not be able to fully understand market conditions and opportunities; customer needs and purchase criteria; market; competitive advantages and weaknesses and customers’ perceptions of the company’s product.

When companies neglect to conduct a thorough market survey and analysis, they may find themselves making wrongful assumptions that lead to costly and even fatal decisions for the company.
At Hitech Strategies, we have performed various types of market research and surveys that provided invaluable insight and guidelines for our work and for our clients. Here are some of the possible services that we can do for you:

  • Focus group
  • Online surveys
  • Customer interviews
  • Competitive / business intelligence
  • New Product Conceptual testing
  • Pricing and positioning testing
  • Market research – quantification of market size and competitive review

For more information, contact us and tell us what you need.