Hitech-Strategies is a leading strategy, business planning and marketing consulting company, that specializes in helping technology companies and startups to grow and achieve a leading position in their markets. Since its establishment in 2006, Hitech Strategies has successfully helped over 50 companies to solve existing problems, identify new opportunities, prepare solid strategy and business plans, and help achieve successful growth or “exits”.

The Hitech Strategies team is comprised of senior hi-tech marketing and business executives with extensive experience in leading marketing, product development, sales and management units in both startups and large public companies.

Our customers extend across a variety of technology industries including Internet, software, communications, biotech and medical devices, cleantech and more.

Why Hitech-Strategies?

  • We have over 100 years of accumulative operational experience  in executive marketing, business, and R&D positions in the hitech industry
    Customers will benefit from actual hands-on experience in execution and thus can shorten the time to achieve their goals
  • We put ourselves in the client’s position and do our best to identify opportunities for our customers and help them reach their objectives.
    We come with solid methodologies, deep analysis and out-of-the-box innovative ideas 
  • We have a proven track record of designing new executable strategies, actionable business models, and market-entry plans for dozens of hitech companies.
    Customers can be assured of working with senior-level professionals who have lead a substantial number of successful projects 
  • We tailor to customers’ needs – Hitech-Strategies brings the flexibility inherent in a small consulting organization.
    We can tailor the scope and deliverables to fit customers’ specific needs in terms of content, timeline, and budget 
  •  We prepare business plans and Prospectuses that facilitate VC investments, Institutional funding and IPOs.
  • We assist financial institutions in evaluating companies and/or investment opportunities.
    Investors and investment funds can benefit from an objective and thorough investment advice as well as technical, market and competitive due diligence