Customer Survey

Market surveys are a powerful business tool. Used correctly, this tool can, at a relatively low cost, establish a need for the product, identify potential customers and their requirements and determine pricing and marketing channels. This critical information can help any venture avoid expensive mistakes. A good market survey can prove to investors why your project has a unique potential.

The Complete Market Survey Process:

  • Learning and analyzing the project – Internal analysis of the company and complete external analysis of the business and competitive environment
  • Defining issues to examine – through the project analysis results, crucial issues to market penetration and project success should be determined
  • Defining survey’s target audience and sampling size– in a manner that will best serve the market survey’s purpose and while determining the minimum number of respondents needed to receive a significant statistical result
  • Building the questionnaire – this should be done while using basic methodologies of refuting/conforming hypothesis, conditional questioning, etc.
  • Sample testing – test the survey on a sample group in order to identify built-in failures
  • Management and supervision of the surveying – it is best to conduct the survey using advanced tools which enable automatic online data collection
  • Statistical analysis of survey results – presenting results graphically and verbally according to the examined issues

Market surveys Can Examine the Following Issues:

  • Test a new concept for a product or service – how will the target audience perceive it?
  • Is there a real need for the product? What is the extent of the need?
  • Who are the target customers that will be interested in the product \ technology \ service?
  • How will the customers use the product and what will they benefit from it?
  • How do customers evaluate the product in comparison to competing or alternative products?
  • How much would customers be willing to pay for the product?

Why Choose HiTechStrategies?

  • Practical experience in business development, marketing and international sales – we will understand your project and the challenges in marketing it better than anyone
  • Survey will answer the issues examined precisely
  • Advanced tools and methodologies – we don’t fall for built-in obstacles
  • Connection to a global net of respondent pool – this enables us to reach a statistically significant sample according to the survey’s needs
  • In-depth statistical analysis – will grant you with real insights
  • Acquaintance with investors – the survey will prove to investors why they should invest in your project

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