Business Coaching

Entrepreneurs, founders and 1st time CEOs of startups face many challenges and unfortunately, the odds are against them. Hitech Strategies specializes in coaching and mentoring hi-tech entrepreneurs and startup managers to help them analyze the potential of their venture; validate the business model; craft business and growth strategies; draft business plans and raise funding. Hitech Strategies can also offer access to a wide network of investors, key industry contacts and potential partners.

We accompany you throughout the initial stage of founding your startup. We take you by the hand and walk you step by step to: create the startup; develop your idea; and prove that it is technically feasible and commercially viable, so that you will be able to successfully implement and fund it. We prevent you from making the common mistakes and taking the common pitfalls by offering our own experience in hi-tech entrepreneurship and startups.

For entrepreneurs we help you with the following activities:

  • Establish the startup and business entity
  • Choose between several ideas that you would like to advance and moving forward with one
  • Step from a “one-man-show” mode to a startup mode
  • Solidify you business strategy and business plan
  • Reach key opinion leaders who can provide valuable feedback
  • Obtain financing / investment
  • Find the first pilot customer

For startups, we help with the following activities:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Achieve faster and more consistent revenue and profit growth
  • Generate more leads and attain more customers
  • Improve products or services
  • Become more competitive
  • Raise an investment
  • Prepare the startup for sale or exit
  • Work plan and time management to enable more free time to build the business and more free time for other priorities

Why Hitech Strategies?

Hitech Strategies is not one of the many business/personal coachers that are currently so abundant. We are unique in that we have actual experience in global hi-tech companies and in bringing startups from an initial stage to a profitable market-leading position.

Unlike many business coaches, we focus on the special characteristics and challenges of establishing a hi-tech startup. We understand technology development; productization and B2B marketing well. We have been there and done that, and therefore we coach you based on hands-on experience and enable you to jump over the hurdles and get to market more rapidly and cost-effectively. Whether you are a high-tech, biotech or Internet entrepreneur, let us help you to maximize your success.