Courses and Training

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a great idea, but are not sure how to move it forward?

Are you interested in establishing a hi-tech startup and would like to learn how to do it? Are you thinking about changing to a sales, marketing or product management job and would like to learn the basics of hi-tech sales and product marketing?

At Hitech strategies, we offer courses and workshops that focus solely on hi-tech. Hi-tech entrepreneurship; marketing, sales and product management are very different from non hi-tech industries. In addition to all of the common business challenges, in hi-tech there are also the uncertainties of development and adoption of state-of-the-art technologies as well as the complexities of Business-2-Business (B2B) sales.

Hitech Strategies offers a variety of courses and workshops that are intended for entrepreneurs; founders of a hi-tech startups; CEOs and managers of hi-tech companies; marketing, sales and business development managers; product managers and employees in R&D or other positions; who are interested in making a transition to sales and marketing. These courses will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to startup, manage and excel in any hi-tech company.

Hitech Strategies has extensive experience in hi-tech and entrepreneurship training.

Our courses and workshops are taught by experienced lecturers, hi-tech veterans and specialists, each an expert in their domain. Our courses are focused on practical (rather than theoretical) models and tools. We employ many real-life case studies and examples, exercises, interactive discussions and simulations.

Our courses:

How to Startup a Hi-Tech Company?

A course that is designed to provide all the needed information and tools to enable entrepreneurs to establish their own hi-tech startup including legal and financial aspects; intellectual property and patents; global marketing and sales; fund raising; creating the business plan; strategy; team building and more.

Marketing Strategy in a Hi-Tech Company

This course covers concepts, models, and tools in global marketing in the hi-tech industry. It provides practical guidelines and templates for segmenting the market; locating the right target segment; designing a winning marketing strategy; and positioning, building and implementing a successful marketing plan.

Internet Marketing

Introducing the variety of promotional, advertising and marketing tools that are available on the Internet. Providing hands-on experience with the leading internet advertising and analytics platforms; viral marketing tools; and best practice methods to achieve effective search engine marketing and increase web site traffic and conversion.

Business Plan & Fund Raising Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to prepare your own professional business plan and how to present your venture to potential investors. In addition to learning the practical and standard financial, market and competitive frameworks that are used in business plans, you will have a chance to meet veteran entrepreneurs and venture capitalists face to face and learn from their experiences.

Product Management in a Hi-Tech Company

Product management is one of the most strategic and influential positions in a hi-tech company, yet surprisingly, there are no real formal training programs for this job. This unique course provides a broad knowledge base and practical tools provided by experienced hi-tech product managers. The course covers both:

  • Product management
    Identifying new product opportunities, designing new break-through products, assessing return on investment, creating and managing product requirements (MRD), managing product development, releases and roadmap, etc.
  • Product Marketing Management
    Product positioning, pricing, sales tools, product launch, product promotion, product training, product distribution, etc.

For additional information see the detailed description of our courses or simply contact us.