October 24, 2013
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  • Is your product a ‘killer application’ or is it merely ‘a solution looking for a problem’? Is your technology a disruptive one? Should you offer a product or a service? Do you know exactly what your target niche is?
  • Is the founding team up to the task? What kind of track-record do you and your co-founders have? Do you have experience in your target industry? Do you have the technical expertise in-house? Is your team balanced?
  • Are your budget estimates and revenue forecasts realistic? What percentage of the market must you gain for your business plan to work?
  • What type of funding should you go for? Incubator? VC? Angel? Bootstrap? Do you fit the criteria for the type of investment you have chosen? Is this the right time to raise money?

It’s not wise to invest years, possibly at the expense of your career or even family, if you can not comfortably answer these questions.

Hitech Strategies is always very excited to work with entrepreneurs. The enthusiasm, drive, and the determination to realize their dream is inspiring. At such an early stage, everything seems possible and the future looks promising. We often find that entrepreneurs have great ideas but at times may need a little help in transforming their idea into a successful hitech venture.

There are plenty of challenges along the way to hold you back from realizing your dream. Although trial and error can be a great learning experience, avoiding common mistakes by receiving guidance from a trusted advisor can save a lot of time; not to mention dollars. Hitech Strategies has worked with numerous entrepreneurs to create a solid business plan, raise funds, grow the company and more. Entrepreneurs can also benefit from our very large network of investors and industry contacts, to obtain an investment or a first customer.

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