Business Plans Examples and Templates

At HitechStrategies, we specialize in preparing professional business plans for High-tech and Internet ventures. To create a professional and realistic business plans for technology based companies that are targeting a global (rather than a local) markets, requires specific skills and experience far beyond writing a business plan that is not technology related and covers only a limited geography.

In addition, each hi-tech sector, such as telecommunications, medical devices, Internet, software, hardware, clean-tech, etc., requires expertise and familiarity with its specific challenges and unique business models. For example, for medical devices, one must consider the regulatory approval (FDA) process and insurance coverage; In the case of Internet ventures, a deep understanding of online marketing is a must; while in more traditional hi-tech companies, one needs to consider which distribution model is most appropriate (distributors, direct sale, OEM, etc.) depending on the specific product and type of customers.

The HitechStrategies team consists of veterans with hands-on sales and marketing experience in all hi-tech segments. Over the years we prepared dozens of business plans in each of the different domains and have created custom models and templates including Excel templates for profit & loss forecasts, cash flow and valuation models for each high-tech sector. For more information see our business plans page.

If you are looking for a seed investment from Angels or planning to approach Venture Capital funds, you will need a professional and convincing business plan. Let us help you. Contact us for a free consultation.

Following are some examples and templates of business plans, prepared by HitechStrategies team, to get you started.

Free Business Plan Sample

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Certain parts of the business plan were blurred or hidden to conceal the identity of the company. To download the sample business plan.